Abysmal Engine

An Open Source Ultima Underworld and System Shock Engine

Frequently Asked Questions


  • General

    1. What is Abysmal Engine?

      Abysmal Engine aims to reimplement an Ultima Underworld 1/2 and System Shock engines for modern operating systems. It requires the original Ultima Underworld or System Shock data files to run.

      Abysmal Engine builds on the great reverse engineering work done by the TSSHP, UWAdv and uw2rev projects.
    2. What's the status?

      Abysmal Engine is currently in a very early stage. None of the games are actually playable.

      1. Level loading and rendering
      2. Collision detection
      3. Basic sound and midi music support
      4. Basic object system ("look at") in UW
      5. 3d model rendering (only UW)
      6. some very basic UI in UW