Abysmal Engine

An Open Source Ultima Underworld and System Shock Engine


At this time, there's no release, I do however build binary snapshots from time to time.

The latest binary snapshot is from 2009-05-17

The packages include a README file, which is also online here.

Ubuntu (Intrepid, Jaunty)

Please see the package archive at launchpad. Simply add the repository for your distribution (only Intrepid and Jaunty) and install the "abysmal" package. The package creates shortcuts in the Debian and Gnome menus, or simply run "abysmal" in a shell.


The Ubuntu packages above also work well on Debian testing/unstable.

Other Linux distributions

abysmal-20090517-linux-x86.tar.gz - Package for x86 architecture
abysmal-20090517-linux-amd64.tar.gz - Package for amd64 architecture

These packages were compiled on a clean Ubuntu 8.10 using GCC 4.3 and link against X11, SDL and SDL_Mixer. These may or may not work on your system. Simply unzip the tarball and run games/abysmal.


abysmal-20090517-win32.exe - Self extracting installer
abysmal-20090517-win32.zip - Zip archive

The self-extracting installer creates some links in the Start Menu.

Source Package

abysmal-20090517-src.tar.gz - Source Package

Please see doc/README_dev.txt for build instructions.

Subversion Repository

The latest development version can be obtained from the Subversion repository:

svn co https://abysmal.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/abysmal/abysmal/trunk abysmal

Please see doc/README_dev.txt in the source directory for instructions on building Abysmal from source.